About Us

Offer yourself and all parties the way to contract safely and on the most professional way.
Our contracts and agreements online enable you to legalize your new business cooperation.

Our mission is to empower people to unite around ideas that matter to them
and together make those ideas come to life.


The Authority of Financial Markets and ORIAS are the top of the art regulation offices in France
regulating, checking and allowing genuine financial practices from companies and recorded
organizations. Techvonix Capital is listed intheir records under number

Orias Number Certification:

Not the case of all plateforms and crowdfunding actors, Techvonix members have full capacity and
have been trained to implement intermediary services to investors and applicants online. We
achieved diploma and genuine certificate called Intermediary for Crowdfundings (in French:
Intermédiaire en Financement Participatif) This full training is dedicated to specific actors or
Crowdfunding market, understanding, studying and implementing new solutions to solve our clients
barriers. We can offer solutions to you and have full permissions to do so.

Ethics, values and actions !

We take into consideration 10 majors values which will be fixed for us forever :
1. Techvonix Capital Being part of the Global South development offering investors and concrete cash flow.
2. Techvonix Capital fights face to face poverty and lack of capital in South countries
3. Techvonix Capital belongs to the changing actors of South countries bringing solutions to hire people against unemployment
4. Illegal immigration can be reduce in North countries if concrete possibilities are given to Youth locally
5. Unblock local administrative heavy banking process and bureaucracy. Online tools will offer immediately opportunities for investors and applicants to begin entrepreneurship in best and flexible conditions.
6. Digitalisation of your new business will afford you quickly and securely a new challenge to achieve, Techvonix Capital will be the place for.
7. We intend to never divulgate confidential activities and personal information
8. We prioritize South countries but open the platform Worldwide (North countries included) the last 7 days of each month
9. Techvonix Capital is based in Paris La Defense in France and has multiple qualifications and experience to deal with international crowdfunding. In addition to competent Board of Directors, worldwide byetners and several investors, we are recorded in the French Banking Directory ORIAS under the number
10. Techvonix Capital is a gate from Orient and the West, the Global South and North enabling tremendous economic actors to discover new talents, new innovations and outstanding entrepreneurs unrevealed before.

The CEO, my message :

Taking back and investing myself in TECHVONIX, SME I created in 2011. Our Innovations stand dedicated on green technologies. This is not a start-up but a human Small Medium Entreprise planned to become a Group on 3 main branches
#1 Green technologies creation with our R&D Dept dedication
#2 Softwareand mobile applications
#3 Crowdfunding for Digital Innovation projects

Our 3 dimensions activities will enable us to
a) show profitability on short terms,
b) bring self-finance portfolio
c) exempt us from ventures capital, bonds, business angels and banking loans
d) enable us to invest ourselves again on R&D and Marketing

Advantages to go on TechvonixCapital.com

  • Enable you to open a new office with startups in another place than in their initial countries ! 
  • Low commission rate per total investment.
  • 3 Weeks CFG for South countries last week of the month for developed countries
  • Security and controlled ID verification for startups founders and investors
  • Full automated and completed way of payment to satisfy all parties. We are offering the most numerous means of payment available in the market.
  • Commissions rated between 1,5% to 5% on Total amount
  • Working with a calendar 3 weeks VS 1 week
    Opening subscribing to Global South for 3 weeks and Global North for last week

Mounir BenJaffal

Founder/CEO @Techvonix.com

10 Million People

47% of Campaigns

235 Countries & Territories

~19,000 Campaigns